Rogers & Associates

Building A Lifestyle

Rogers and Associates is a custom home home builder in the green country and Tulsa metro area.  Specializing in custom floor plans, luxurious finishes, and attention to detail that escapes most builders, Glen Rogers is uniquely qualified to build your dream home. Glen Rogers works with the best architects to create living spaces you and your family will enjoy.  Rogers and Associates will build or remodel a living space to suit all of your dreams.

Rogers & Associates Inc: From Concept to Concrete

Whether you are starting from the elemental concepts of your dream home or designing practical living spaces, Rogers & Associates is there with the expertise you need. Rogers & Associates consists of myself, Glen Rogers, teaming with the best subcontractors in the Tulsa metro area. I've been engaged in construction and custom home building for over 30 years. My clients benefit from that depth of experience as I help them transform their desires from concepts on an architect's board into stone, wood, and luxurious finishes that combine to make their dream a reality.

It is my belief that your builder should be there to help during every phase of the project from conceptual planning to final completion. As an experienced builder, my guidance will help you navigate the considerations of construction feasibility, space allocations, and cost evaluations for your new home. Once the conceptual planning phase is complete with your ideas defined, Rogers & Associates will work with you and an architect to develop available options to consider for interior and exterior finishes, windows, doors, roofing materials, etc. One of the crucial elements of a successful custom home is to have your architect and builder working together to help your ideas transform from concept to completion.

No matter if it is a new custom home or a remodel of your existing living space, Rogers & Associates does it all. Dream it. Build it. Live it!